Accepted University: Soka University of America (SUA)

Lesson Course: Special Course

Duolingo: 125 / 160 TOEFL: around 103 – 107 points 


I have known about DIG since I was in junior high school because of my older brother who studied there. In the summer of my first year of high school,  I decided I also wanted to start study at DIG, where I wanted to build the foundation for my dream of going to a university in a different country and to contribute to the world.


Even if I had that dream,I didn’t decide to apply to universities abroad from the beginning. I have a strong passion for education and always wanted to study at a department of education from a “general university” in Japan. In contrast, I wondered if going to a “liberal arts university” where I would learn a wide range of topics  was the right choice for me. Mr. Nitesh and Ms. Nilima took my concerns seriously and did their best to support me by researching universities and contacting them.


Around the summer of my senior year in high school, I decided to apply to Soka University of America (SUA), a liberal arts college with a small class size, extensive programs, and good financial support. As a result of studying really hard and intensively  prepararing, I was able to be accepted into SUA in the early admissions !


At DIG, I learned English not only for the Eiken, TOEFL, and SAT, but I also experienced it through a liberal arts education. As a result, in my sophomore year of high school, I passed the Eiken Level 1 and in my junior year of high school, I received a Duolingo 125 (160 on the scale, about 103 – 107 on the TOEFL). In group lessons, we discussed many topics such as social, political, and environmental issues in English. As I like to express my opinions, this  was a valuable opportunity for me. At the same time, I learned the importance of listening to other people’s opinions. I was able to build healthy relationships with my classmates  by mutually supporting and encouraging each other. I am also grateful for the other opportunities I had at DIG, such as volunteering, attending many events, and interacting with children.


DIG tailors education to the needs of each student and puts the spotlight on each individual. I have been striving to be proud of how different I am from others with the belief “don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference.”  Mr. Nitesh and Ms. Nilima sincerely cared about me as a person with interests and curiosity.  


In the future, I strongly believe that I will pursue a career in education. I want to listen to and help children who do not have the opportunity to learn, and I am determined to establish a school where children can realize their full potential.