MH Soka Women’s Junior College, Department of International Business, 1st year

I have been attending DIG International for about a year and a half. I mainly studied to pass the Eiken and pass the exam. In the lesson, she taught me carefully according to my level and took time until I understood and was convinced. Also, when I was at a loss as to which path to take, I was able to make up my mind to take the recommendation entrance examination for Soka Women’s Junior College, thanks to his thoughtful consideration. And thanks to Nitesh-sensei, Alice-sensei, and all the people who supported me, I was able to successfully pass the exam.

◎ Comments from parents 
When my daughter was in junior high school, she was good at English, but after she entered high school, she seemed to be struggling to improve. In such a situation, she was forced to consider her career path and needed to pass the Eiken exam, so she was indebted to DIG International. She already has a younger sister who is in elementary school, and every time she sees how she enjoys learning, she thinks she wants to join too. She enthusiastically attended the lessons, and thanks to the careful and effective guidance, she was able to achieve results in a short period of time.